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Stebel Electric Horns, Mini Air Horns, and Horn Combos

Truck horns are now available! Send me a note so you can get the horn you have been waiting for.

The wait is finally over on the Stebel Compact Tuning horns! I have limited availability on both the black finish and the chrome finish models. Please contact me to place an order.

With all of the distractions drivers have today, having a loud, dependable horn can save your life. Stebel has been making some of the world's finest horns for over the past 50 years. Their quality and technology is unsurpassed.

The Nautilus Truck horn is one of my most popular horns.  It is a mini air horn that has a very deep, single tone sound.  I have a number of different truck clubs that love this horn.  

The Nautilus Compact Air Horn is small and very popular on motorcycles.  This horn has a twin tone sound that is over 5 times louder than your stock horn. 

If you are looking for something different, check out Stebel Engineered Sounds original horn combos.  The Big Daddy sounds like a semi horn, and the Big kahuna gives you an extremely loud horn that has a very nice, triple tone sound.  The Big Daddy can be heard and seen on youtube.

These horns will work on any 12v system (car, truck, RV, motorcycle, golf cart, Rhino, Gator, ATV, boat, hi-lo, tractor, scooter, sand rail, dune buggy, monster truck,…..).

We completely stand behind these products! From our top of the line horn combo's to the plug and go Magnums, Stebel Engineered Sounds is here to make sure you find the right horn for your specific needs. E-mail any questions, comments, or issues to If there are any issues, we will make it right!

We offer a large selection of horns to fit your unique needs, size requirements, and personality. Check us out. You will be glad you did!

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